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What do I need for my visit?

Insurance Referral

Please ensure that you have an insurance referral completed by your PCP before your visit if your insurance requires one. A doctor's referral is not the same as an insurance referral.

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Government-Issued ID

Insurance Card(s)

Skip the wait.
Bring or send us your paperwork.

Download Paperwork

Download your paperwork, print it, fill it out, and bring it to your next appointment. If you're a returning patient but haven't seen us for over a year, we recommend you bring filled-out paperwork, as well.

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Email Paperwork

You can email us a copy your paperwork instead. Download the form, fill it out, scan it, and send it our way.

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Do Paperwork Online

Save time by filling out your information online ahead of your appointment.

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Visit Reschedule Policies

Reasons for Rescheduling

Showing up late to your appointment. We will require you to reschedule your appointment if you show up late greater than half the time allotted for your appointment. For example, if you have a 20 minute appointment and show up more than 10 minutes late, we will require you to reschedule. If you have a 10 minute appointment, the cut-off is 5 minutes.

Not having an insurance referral if one is required. Your insurance will not pay for the visit if they require an insurance referral and one is not completed. Again, an insurance referral is not the same as a doctor's referral.

Not having all of your insurance cards. You must have an insurance card available for each health insurance your currently have. Additionally, if your health insurance has changed since your last visit, you need to present your new insurance card.

Not having a government-issued ID card.


Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis based on the severity of the condition needing to be evaluated.

How to Avoid a Reschedule

1. Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time.
2. Ensure your insurance referral is completed if required.
3. Ensure you have your insurance cards and ID card(s)


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Contact Info

  • 4949 Autumn Oaks Drive
  • Suite B
  • Maryville, IL 62062

  • 1801 State Street
  • Alton, IL 62062
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