99.3% cure rate1.

No cutting. No pain. No scarring.
No downtime.

No Surgery. No Downtime

(Image-Guided SRT)

GentleCure [Image-Guided Superficial Radiotherapy (IG-SRT)] is a low-dose radiation treatment that very effectively destroys non-melanoma skin cancer and keloids with a 99.3% cure rate1. There is no need for anesthesia, minimal risk of infection or scarring, and no need for reconstructive plastic surgery. Patients heal quickly and don’t have downtime or lifestyle restrictions following treatment.

Am I radioactive, and is my treatment dangerous to myself or others?
No, you are not radioactive and your treatment is very safe.

Does the treatment penetrate bone?
No, the treatment only penetrates a few millimeters into the patient's tissue and has little effect on normal surrounding tissue.

How long will I be in the office each day for treatment?
Treatments generally take about 10-15 minutes total. (Simulation on the first day takes 30-45 minutes.)

How many treatments does it take?
It takes about 20 total treatments, averaging 3 treatments a week, to complete therapy.

GentleCure Process

Learn more about the treatment experience and what to expect with GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT). 
See more videos about the GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT) experience
Learn more about the GentleCure experience from the patients themselves.
GentleCure video

IG-SRT Timeline

Here's a step-by-step overview of what to expect.


A biopsy is performed on a suspected skin cancer in clinic with a Schaberg Dermatology provider.

Biopsy Results

Our staff contacts you with the results of your biopsy, identifying a skin cancer. At this point, there are typically 2 primary types of treatments: IG-SRT vs surgery (Mohs, excision). We can run a VOB while you consider your options.

Verification of Benefits (VOB)

While you are considering your options or if you decide to do IG-SRT, we will perform a VOB to identify the likely cost of this procedure based on your specific health insurance.


Once the VOB is completed, we will contact you with the estimated cost of the full procedure and arrange for any payment plans. Once you decide to go through with IG-SRT, we will schedule your sim.

Simulation (Sim)

The sim appointment is the most important part. Here, we will have you sign consent forms and discuss expectations. Photos, ultrasound images, and treatment parameters are discussed with a provider, who will then identify and mark the area of treatment. You're ready to begin!


Unless our Radiation Therapist is out, you will be treated by the same one at each visit. At each visit, we will evaluate for poor skin reactions, determine your progress with an ultrasound, and provide treatment. Every 5 treatment visits, a provider will come in to review your case to ensure you are well on your way to being cured.


After your last treatment visit, you will follow-up in six weeks for re-evaluation. At this point, we will repeat an ultrasound to ensure resolution of the skin cancer. In rare cases, a booster may be required.


Boosters are additional treatment doses given over a few visits. Although fairly uncommon, the follow-up ultrasound may demonstrate a possible persisting skin cancer, which would warrant boosters.

Before & After

SRT before
SRT after


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